Test & Measurement Automation

Developing automated test systems for R&D, product development, and manufacturing end-of-line

Automating Your Test Systems

Automation improves consistency, throughput, and data collection while reducing costs. Automated test systems are utilized by research and development, manufacturing quality control, and government laboratories. They help test and develop new products, benchmark and certify products, and ensure quality at the end of a manufacturing line.

ARMA's Test and Measurement Automation Systems

Our team of experienced programmers and engineers helps our clients automate test systems using the latest technologies. We have years of experience delivering world class solutions to leaders in research, development, production, quality, and certification testing.

Our flexible and collaborative approach delivers efficient, accurate, and robust test systems, as well as the tools to leverage test data for effective results analysis. We develop systems using a variety of software and hardware platforms (custom and off-the-shelf), data acquisition systems, and control methods. We are comfortable developing custom turnkey systems or working alongside your team on your current system under development.

ARMA leverages a variety of programming platforms for success in Test & Measurement solutions. These include LabVIEW and text-based languages (Python, LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio, .NET, ASP.NET, C#, C++, C, Java, and more). 

ARMA has been at the cutting edge of the Internet of Things (IoT), and it is becoming a strong part of our Test & Measurement offerings. We offer integration with Microsoft Azure and Business Intelligence (BI), MQTT for LabVIEW, integration with different LabVIEW targets as well as non-LabVIEW controllers, and cloud-based data historian services. ARMA’s distributed data acquisition expertise is ideal to implement across a laboratory or test facility. We are experienced in the collection and display of disparate manufacturing data sources, as well as remote data collection for infrastructure or large-scale field data.NET

Automation Services

LabVIEW Programming

LabVIEW Programming for Real-Time and FPGA

Automated Test Stand Design

Automated Safety, Power, and Compliance Test Systems

LabVIEW Vision Application Development

Appliance Testing

Battery Pack and BMS Test Systems

Cloud Enabled Test & Measurement Systems


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