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ARMA provides an excellent fault diagnostics & fast programming for the production line.

ARMA delivers proven, high-quality circuit boards faster and more cost-effectively with ProVision’s integrated test development environment.

Test without Test Points

Go where no bed-of-nails can. Boundary scan enabled devices give ProVision access to their pins, turning them into virtual test points. Physical access is no longer a limiting factor, allowing you to test more of your design.

ProVision products make accessing Boundary Scan simple through the powerful Connection Test and extensive Built-in Library of Tests for thousands of non-JTAG devices. Without any test points you can easily test connections between BGA devices, such as a bus between two JTAG devices or a JTAG device and its memory.

Using ProVision you can test more of your design, including the function of many non-JTAG devices, to rapidly locate and resolve manufacturing faults.

Find Faults Faster

ProVision’s unique technology builds on the features of Boundary Scan to provide a production-ready solution for rapid fault detection and correction. You can increase yield by finding more faults more quickly, and reduce rework by accurately identifying the problem first time, improving test cycle time.

The software products provide visualisation features to help engineers ‘see’ faults, including a Schematic Viewer that shows you your circuit, a Layout Viewer that highlights nets exhibiting a fault, and Waveform Viewer that displays digital signals.

Develop and run tests quickly using ProVision, and further analyse the results using the powerful diagnostic features of ProVision. The innovative Fault Dictionary provides an easy way of documenting and sharing the symptoms and root causes of common faults as they are discovered, making future fault finding even more effective.

Integrate with your test system

Make ProVision Boundary Scan part of your total test solution: integration support is provided for all of the major test executives, as well as proprietary systems.

Examples for running ProVision tests from TestStand, LabView™ and LabWindows™ are provided with all ProVision systems, as are examples for how to use C# to access the underlying .NET interface. Tests can also be run from the command line so any test executive software capable of making a system call can integrate with ProVision.

Lower NRE Costs

Every aspect of our technology is designed to be easy to learn, simple to use and cost-effective to deploy. ProVision products reduce the cost of developing expensive test fixtures and complex test systems giving you dual savings on non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.

Simplify your test systems by using Boundary Scan to reduce the number of probes needed in a test fixture while still maintaining or improving test coverage.

Save test development time using the Built-in Library of Test Models and intuitive user interface. Quickly generate tests to identify and resolve faults in prototype or production boards. Free up expensive production equipment by being able to develop and debug a test system with nothing more than a PC.

Use ProVision throughout the product lifecycle: move the entire test system from the development bench to your production line without incurring any additional costs.

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