Industrial Vision

Expertise, Precision and Repeatability in Machine Vision

Specialized in machine vision integration, ARMA analyzes and develops your industrial quality control or process control project with you.

For a better result, specific equipment for industrial vision is selected, digital sensors incorporated in industrial cameras equipped with special optics allowing the acquisition of images, so that the hardware and the software can process, analyze and measure different features of a part for decision making

Integration and optimization in Machine Vision

ARMA integrates industrial vision modules into your robotic solutions for detection,
optical inspection and sorting to improve the quality and profitability of your production line.

ARMA Tracking ToolKit

The study and development of industrial vision systems,
allowed us to best meet the demands of our customers.
This commitment to optimizing the development of solutions
in quality control and process control leads us to
develop and integrate our own tracking technology.

Our industrial vision systems, combined with ARMA Tracking technology,
facilitate the sorting and management of assembly parts by
robots programmed for this function. More than just an improvement:
what we offer is to integrate the detection of tomorrow into your production systems.

Use of Deep Learning in Machine Vision

Deep learning-based image analysis combines the specificity and flexibility of human inspection with the reliability and speed of a computer system.

Deep learning software optimized for the automation of industrial production chains allows companies in many sectors to create revolutionary inspection systems that push the limits of machine vision. This technology optimizes inspection and control, deep learning represents the future of industrial automation.

Example of inspection and control:

  • Control of defects and conformity of parts
  • Dimensional control
  • Search for product positions in static or in motion
  • Code reading

Our Deep Learning Optical Inspection Solution

Our industrial image analysis software. allows results to be generalized from supervised learning. In other words, he learns to detect elements with different aspects, shapes and dimensions.

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