Industrial Automation Services

We provide a complete portfolio of Services for Plant Automation and Plant Information Technology for Industrial Manufacturing.

From modernization and upgrades of existing Industrial Automation and Electrical Equipment to replace outdated parts.

Up to full Automation Projects with design, supply, installation and commissioning of a complete Industrial Automation Solution

On-Site Service

On-Site Service, Maintenance, Support and Equipment Installation of Industrial Automation and Electrical Equipment at Industrial Plants and Production Lines.

Automation Software

Modification, Modernization, Update or Revamping of Automation Software on Human-Machine Interfaces, Process Control and Process Optimization systems.

Automation Equipment

Design, build and full testing of control cabinets for Electric Drives, Electrical Equipment, Process Control Systems and Field Devices. Also as replacement of outdated equipment.

Industrial Automation Projects

Full project services across the project life time of Industrial Automation Projects: Assessments or requirements, Planning and Design, Engineering, Software Development, Build of Equipment, Testing, Installation and Commissioning. Including Project Management throughout the whole Project process.

Digital Manufacturing

Integration of Business Processes with the Industrial Automation,
also known as “Industry 4.0”. Vertical Integration of Business IT-Systems with the Automation of the Shop Floor for automated Data-Exchange and real-time Monitoring and Management of production processes and connected business processes.

ARMA Systems

Need Full Project Management or Technical Assistance?