Application Development

Developing custom web, mobile, and desktop applications

As a full-service application development company, ARMA can help with your programming and software development challenges. We develop custom software for web, desktop, and mobile.

Intuitive Front-Ends & Scalable Back Ends

We deliver successful and valuable client solutions by focusing on two goals during the development process: develop modern, intuitive interfaces and build well-structured, maintainable code.

Both goals are accomplished through up-front planning and understanding at the beginning of the development process. Our creative and technical teams collaborate to understand the client’s and end user’s application requirements. We lay out software architecture accounting for current and future development requirements.

Our Software Development Services

ARMA has built diverse applications for a multitude of client needs. We are well-suited for challenging, complicated applications. Typical application functions include:Corp PC Application Developed by ARMA

Productivity software for business, including time entry or time tracking, inventory, barcoding, printing, real-time monitoring, collaboration tools, workflows, and other business process systems.
Connectivity tools for local or remote devices, and products. We develop software used for programming and configuring or collecting data from hardware over various protocols and networks (USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, serial, and more).
Reporting, dashboarding, and data analysis tools that aggregate and display real-time or historical data, monitor for trends, patterns, or alarms.
Interfaces for control systems that allow monitoring and management of industrial systems, test systems, entertainment systems, or other complex automated systems.
Complicated algorithms or other engineering tools used for design, simulation, or optimization.
Legacy applications to either update or update an existing code base or to redesign from the ground up.
And more! This is just a sampling of tools and functions.
We develop applications for customers in a wide variety of industries. We help clients develop their SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions, their IoT strategies for devices and products in the field, and their end user software tools.


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